Quality since 1963

Precise dosing of liquid, dense and doughy products, and ensuring quality and consistency of results, is our mission. For over fifty years we have produced volumetric metering and filling machines, with specific and innovative solutions for use in the Food, Cosmetic, Chemical and Petrochemical industries. Our dosing machines are characterized by their compact and simple shapes, with components made of excellent materials that are designed for maximum versatility. Because we are dedicated to taking care of every detail, we can ensure our machines deliver maximum dosing accuracy and reliability.

Standard technology

Our volumetric metering pumps, available in different sizes, meet the needs of both small and large production lines. Our range of pneumatic metering pumps is characterized by:

  • Ease of use, maintenance and cleaning
  • Maximum accuracy in dosing and transfer
  • Absence of pollution
  • Compliance of Product Characteristics

Custom technology

Our specialized staff is studying specific solutions to fulfill all your needs. We analyze the specifics of customization and supply solutions and prototypes as and when required:

  • Customized metering pumps
  • Depending on the applications
  • Improving feasibility and efficiency
  • In a short time

We serve more sectors

The Karr metering pumps are used in all the market sectors that require dosing accuracy and compliance of product characteristics. Our customers are the main manufacturers of equipment for production lines and the most important multinational companies in Italy and around the world. In particular, we trade with these industries:

Our experience at your service

50 years' experience

50 years' experience

More than 4,500 systems installed worldwide

More than 4,500 systems installed worldwide

Leader in the food industry

Leader in the food industry

The customer care service

The strength of Karr's technical and commercial customer care system, both online and at our headquarters, comes directly from our collaboration with our major customers worldwide. Our highly skilled and qualified staff will follow your requests promptly and professionally. To offer the same quality of service to the regions of central and southern Italy, Karr has cooperated closely with RL Service, an authorized service Centre that works exclusively for our products.

Research and Development

We invest in our R&D department so that it can be at the forefront of the evolution of our standard line. This also helps us to overcome the limitations of producing our customized products. This means the department can always meet the specific needs of large multinational companies and major manufacturers of production line systems. Karr's expertise is the result of more than fifty years' experience in the sector, which has enabled the company and its products to evolve together. We credit our high competence to our innovative vertical specialization. What we mean by this is that we design and produce only one type of product, in order to offer the highest quality for our customers.

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